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Lewek Champion

Lewek Champion is a purpose-built pipelay construction, accommodation and work barge supporting offshore activities including pipelay, platform installation & recovery and maintenance.

The S-Lay System can handle 6" to 60" pipes and is supported by 100 tonne tensioners. It is also equipped with a 68 tonne pipe-handling crane, an 800 tonne deck crane, a DP2 dynamic positioning system and helideck.

This vessel can accommodate 380 people and has additional amenities such as: offices, recreation, mess rooms and a hospital.

Lewek Conqueror

As the largest EMAS accommodation and work barge, the Conqueror supports offshore exploration and platform maintenance with a 1,200 m2 deck area and two (228 Ton and 27 Ton) cranes. This asset can accommodate a crew of 308 and includes 7 offices, multiple recreation and an onboard hospital and a helideck.

Lewek Chancellor

The Lewek Altair is a world-class platform supply vessel with DP 2 dynamic positioning system, 810 M2 / 900 T deck and has accommodations for a crew of 65. This vessel is capable of storing a variety of liquids, including Fuel Oil (1,096 m3), potable water (777 m3) and liquid mud (1,058 m3).

Enterprise 3

The Atlas is a platform supply vessel with cargo capacity of 1,600 T on a 780 m2 deck and DP 2 dynamic positioning system with accommodations for a crew of 34. It is capable of storing a variety of liquids, including Fuel Oil (1,095 m3), potable water (778 m3) and liquid mud (1,070 m3).

Lewek Crusader

Lewek Crusader is a modern construction, installation, commissioning, accommodation and well intervention vessel with a DP3 dynamic positioning system and two ROVs to support demanding projects.

The vessel can also operate with an optional vertical lay system to handle flexibles and control umbilicals supported by a 400 lift tonne crane and a 150 tonne knuckle boom crane. The vessel is capable of installing flexible flowlines from 1000 – 3,000 metre water depths. With accommodation for 500 people, the Crusader is an economic and versatile vessel.

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