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Perisai Kamelia

Perisai Kamelia is chartered to Hess Exploration and Production Malaysia B.V. (Hess). The Perisai Kamelia has been assigned to support the early production activities in the North Malay Basin. Signed in November 2012, the contract covers a three-year charter period valued at about US$272.1 million, with extension options that could add a further three years to the charter duration.

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Lewek EMAS

Lewek EMAS has been on hire to Premier Oil Vietnam Offshore B.V. ("POVO") since 2011 as part of a six-year contract, producing oil and gas in Vietnam's Chim Sao field. The contract with POVO includes an option where POVO could extend the charter for up to another six years. In October 2012, we secured another US$15 million contract with POVO for project management, engineering and procurement services which resulted in the Lewek EMAS being upgraded to accommodate a subsea tie-back linking it to the Dua field which is in close proximity to the Chim Sao field, and boosting its potential as an oil and gas production facility.

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