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Offshore Production Services

Our Offshore Production Services division specialises in the provision and operations of Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading vessel (“FPSO”) systems and related services which are key assets enabling the extraction, storage and offloading of crude oil and gas from offshore hydrocarbon reservoirs. In addition, our Offshore Production Services division also provides engineering and project management services for the conversion of FPSOs and production facilities to third party clients. FPSOs are vessels (either a converted oil tanker or a newly built vessel) that are used for the extraction, storage and offloading of crude oil and gas from offshore hydrocarbon reservoirs in locations which are remote or do not have the required processing and production infrastructure. An FPSO carries onboard the necessary production and processing facilities normally associated with a fixed oil and gas platform. In addition, the FPSO has storage tanks for the hydrocarbons recovered from the wells. The FPSO is moored on location and is connected to the wells.

We also provide services to third party organisations in the FPSO/Floating, Storage and Offloading vessel (“FSO”)/Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (“FLNG”) sectors in the form of project management, engineering and operation services to extract value from our expertise whilst minimising extensive capital outlay which would otherwise be required to lease our FPSO units.

We undertake Engineering, Procurement and Construction (“EPC”) projects on an opportunistic basis where we believe we can add value to our clients which typically may be new entrants to the market that lack expertise or track record. Such projects are carefully selected and based on longer term strategic relationships. We also work closely with affiliates to provide project enabling services, such as project management or construction support to maximise client offerings.

The Offshore Production Services division’s fleet comprise of two FPSOs: Lewek EMAS and Perisai Kamelia. Lewek EMAS was converted from a Suezmax Tanker in Singapore in July 2011 and was upgraded in 2012 to accommodate a subsea tie-back; and Perisai Kamelia (originally christened Lewek Arunothai), is our first FPSO, having been delivered in 2008.


Fleet poised to tap on Maintenance Modification and Operations (“MMO”) markets

Our developed offshore production services and EPC capabilities ensure that we are able to carry out projects on a turnkey basis in the fixed and floating facilities sector. We believe our ability to manage projects, implement cost control measures, carry out detailed engineering scopes, and our track record of successful safe deliveries will enable us to pursue EPC opportunities in South East Asia.

In addition, through experience gained through the operations of our FPSOs, we consider ourselves uniquely placed to capitalise on the MMO markets by our ability to offer expertise and asset resources in the following key areas:

  1. experience in the modification and upgrade of fixed and floating facilities;
  2. start up and operating offshore facilities; and
  3. provision of OSVs and OAVs.

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